Whatsapp – Watch a Video Even Before You Could Download It!


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Whatsapp is rolling updates one after the other! Be it formatting text, emoticons or layout, every aspect of the app has been revamped. The latest addition to the list is a feature that allows users to stream videos even before downloading them on the device. Albeit the feature will only be available to beta users on Android. This feature will save storage space as viewers can first view the video and decide whether to save it or not.

To use the feature, users will need to set the app to ‘automatic mode’. Turning the ‘ON’ mode will start downloading the video as it arrives while allowing you to watch it simultaneously.

If you haven’t set up the feature, you will still be able to stream the video but won’t be able to download it. To download the video, you can tap on the download button present on the bottom left-hand side of the display.

The company recently announced that around 160 million active users are using this feature. This new feature was available to some users since October and is officially available for beta users via a simple update.

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