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A recent study conducted by Infegy revealed the list of top 50 brands that gained most visibility online in 2014. The brand that topped the list was Google while Twitter, Facebook and Apple attained second, third and fourth positions respectively.

This social media analyst firm ranked the brands by gathering billions of online conversations. Along with the volume of conversations, it also took into account how positive these conversations were.


The excerpts of the report are as follow:

“This dashboard draws on billions of online conversations from 2014 and powerful analysis by Infegy Atlas to surface:

The brands the people talk about most

Overall positivity and negativity surrounding each brand

Levels of positive purchase intent (ex: I want to buy this)

The topics people reference most when talking about brands

Rankings based on several metrics including volume and sentiment”


Chipotle made it 30th spot by jumping 10 places ahead while Chevrolet dropped down to 13 spots and moved to number 46.

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