The Head of Google Search, Amit Singhal Quits


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Amit Singhal, the head of Google Search has called it quits! He will be replaced by John Giannandrea, vice president of the technology giant’s artificial intelligence business.

India-born Singhal joined Google in 2000. He has been involved with several developments responsible for making Google the powerhouse of Internet search business.  Announcing about his next endeavors, Singhal wrote in a Google+ post saying,

“I love Google. It is a company that believes in doing the right thing, a company that believes in doing good in the world, a company… that cares. I look back at my time here with a profound sense of gratitude that I was a part of building this. Now, with pride, gratitude, and joy in my heart, I need to define my next fifteen years. I am eager to see what kind of impact I can make philanthropically, and of course, to spend more time with my family.”

Elaborating further he said, “Search is stronger than ever, and will only get better in the hands of an outstanding set of senior leaders who are already running the show day-to-day.”

While this 15-year-old Google veteran will leave on February 26, the appointment of Giannandrea emphasizes the growing importance of artificial intelligence technology in the Silicone Valley.

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