4 Tactics That Will Persuade People to Share Your Content


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Have you ever wondered why your content is not being shared like how you were expecting? Though there are several ways to amplify content like email marketing or joining communities, marketers still find social shares more effective. Wish to receive more social shares? Here are 4 tactics that will persuade people to share your content:

1. Sharing is a two-way affair

A serious give and take policy is involved in the sharing task. If you want others to share and talk about your content, one of the best ways to get the task done is by being a sharer yourself. Find few writers whose work you like and share their writings with your followers. If you are regularly sharing their posts, they are likely to share your posts as well in return.

2. Choose trending topics

In this era of information explosion, readers are often bombarded with tons of web content; therefore your content should stand out from the rest. Write on trending topics to instill a sense of urgency in readers. If your prime motive is to receive maximum shares, pick a topic that is currently trending and relevant.

3. Ask in a sensible way

If you ask people to share a post directly, there are fewer chances of getting results. Ask in a polite way and explain how it will benefit them and their followers. If the article contains valuable information, they will definitely share it.

4. Focus on visuals

According to a research report by Zabisco, about 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. Therefore, focus on strong visuals and create convincing infographics to support your content.

What tactics have helped you in getting more shares for your content? Mention your views in the comments below!

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