Site Speed Can Affect PPC Campaigns!


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site speed for ppc

Back in 2008, Google emphasized on the fact that site speed plays a pivotal role in determining the success rate of PPC campaigns. Following this announcement, everyone started focusing on reducing page speed for their websites. But this practice was soon forgotten.Last year, we again witnessed search engine specialists paying attention to the speed of their websites

after Google recognized it as a crucial rank-determining factor.


As announced by Google in 2008, we want PPC marketers to know that speed factor applies to PPC campaigns as well. Ad campaigns are prominent channels that drive visitors to sites. They are particularly important for e-commerce websites, which attract hundreds of visitors each day.

Site load time can considerably affect your advertising costs and page rank. To test the speed of your site, run a quick test on any of the speed-testing tools available online. These tools will provide you a quick report comparing your site’s speed with other websites. It will also recommend ways to fix speed-related issues.

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