Self-healing Phone Display- The latest breakthrough in Mobile Technology


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Gone are the days of cracked and scratched phone screens, Motorola has patented a self-healing phone screen that can repair damages. The company filed the patent for this self-repairing phone display in February 2016 and it was published in August 2017.

Motorola’s technique uses a shape memory polymer that can stretch up to 50 times its original size, which means the scratches won’t remain permanent. When completely cracked, the screen can also stitch itself back together again within 24 hours.

“A self-healing material, when carved in two parts, can go back together like nothing has happened, just like human skin,” said Chao Wang, the researcher behind the creation.

When a user presses the repair button on the phone and taps the cracked screen, the healing process begins. The screen will then return to its original condition. This self-healing activity will happen only when the phone is in a low-power mode or plugged in for charging.

Currently, Gorilla Glass is the most preferred screen material for high-end smartphones. However, it is extremely prone to shattering, creating a great confusion for users to decide between buying a new handset or spending a great amount on a replacement screen.

The special polymer is intended to work against only smaller scratches and cracks. However, techies will have to wait for few more years to witness this technology.

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