Pinterest to Bring In Buyable Pins


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Pinterest has announced the launch of “Buyable Pins” that would allow users to purchase the products pinned to their boards. This social sharing site is a place where users could browse for products such as clothing, utensils, furniture, gadgets, etc.

Ben Silbermann, co-founder and chief executive of Pinterest announced the inception of buyable pins at San Francisco, at the company’s headquarters.

He said, “Lots of you have said that you’d like to buy the things you discover on Pinterest, too. Well, we’re excited to let you in on some good news! In a few weeks, we’ll be introducing buyable Pins—just another way to bring the creative ideas you find on Pinterest to life.”

Here’s a snapshot:


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The buyable pins will come with a blue buy button, which will be located at the top right-side of the post. Users could also search for different colors and costs.

To purchase a product all one need to do is click on the buy button  The payment can be done via Apple Pay or a credit card. For more information, visit

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