Paid Search Submission? No.. Never


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If you are being offered an opportunity to feature your website in search engine through paid search submissions, then don’t get tempted by this because you might just be wasting your money. When you can index your site in major search engines for free, avoid falling prey to such tactics. In fact, by simply building high-quality backlinks, you can make your site rank well in SERPs.

Search engine submissions were most prevalent in 1990s. Site owners back then would tag the pages, include keywords, and submit them to search engines. A bot would then crawl these pages and index them.

However, this method didn’t last long and the submissions were often found to be a spam. Search engines have declared that such submissions do not hold any weightage now. The best way to index the site is via earning links so that the content get exposed to search engines naturally.

Even today, you will see several SEO companies providing paid search submissions. Such submissions often comprise a small part of search traffic, which is not at all significant. Focus on Google, Yahoo and Bing as they make for more than 85% of overall search traffic.

Sunil Prajapati

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