Optimize Your Mobile Sites Before ‘Mobilegeddon’


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Make your mobile websites user-friendly is what Google has been telling search marketers for a while now. And with search engine giant working on a major algorithm for mobile, it has become imperative for mobile site owners across the globe that they vamp up their sites. Post April 21, most of the non-optimized sites will see a considerable decrease in their search visibility.

Most webmasters perceive that Google updates are mere an upgradation or refreshes of the previous updates and that it will not have much of an impact on search rankings. However, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Zineb Ait Bahaji said at SMX West Munich that the mobile-friendly algorithm will influence search engine rankings, more than Panda or Penguin ever had.

If you have already made your site user-friendly, then there ‘s nothing to worry about. But, if you have not, then better start implementing a mobile strategy to make your site interactive.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check if your mobile site is functional and responsive. You may have a separate mobile version of the site.
  • See if Google’s mobile bots are crawling your site.
  • Ensure that every page of your mobile site is navigable.

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