Mobile Networks in Europe Planning To Block Ads


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mobile ad blocking

We know this is technically possible but mobile network blocking the ads would certainly have a huge impact on AdSense publishers, developers and advertisers. A recent report by Financial Times says that mobile networks are going to block ads.

The report says that network carriers have installed ad-blocking software that would block ads in web pages as well as in apps. However, it won’t target ads on social media networks.

The ad blocking will be available as an opt-in service and is expected to roll out this year. However, this is not the first time that the web world is witnessing something of this kind. In 2013, Free, an ISP in France had attempted to blanket ads but governmental interference forced the firm to back out.

According to Net Neutrality, the right to opt for ad blanketing should rest with consumers and that network providers should not forcibly block the ads without the users consent.

Hence, even if European network providers introduce the service, it is highly unlikely that they would succeed, as it would invite huge public outrage.

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