Mobile-Based Redirects To Invite Manual Actions Says Google


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Google has come down heavily on mobile redirects that take users to a different content. The search engine said this is in violation of webmaster guidelines and manual action would be taken against such sites.

It is a frustrating experience for users when the URL they clicked on the result in the desktop or mobile search directs them to spammy domains. Google also clarified that the mobile-only sneaky redirects might happen without the knowledge of site owners.

  • It can also take place in the following circumstances: when a script or an element installed to show ads and monetize ads could be taking the users to a new site.
  • When the site is being hacked

sneaky redirects


Earlier in 2014, Google said that deceptive URLs must be looked into. But this time around, it has strongly made its stance clear on sneaky redirects.

Vincent Courson & Badr Salmi El Idrissi, from the Search Quality Team, has said in the googlewebmastercentral.blogspot, “Be sure to choose advertisers who are transparent on how they handle user traffic, to avoid unknowingly redirecting your own users. If you are interested in trust building in the online advertising space, you may check out industry-wide best practices when participating in ad networks. For example, the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Inventory Quality Guidelines are a good place to start. There are many ways to monetize your content with mobile solutions that provide a high-quality user experience, be sure to use them.”

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