Instagram’s Story Ads Revamped to Contain Three Consecutive Photos or Videos!


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Instagram is revamping the ads in its story feed to include 3 consecutive photos or videos like those in the carousel ads. This will allow brands to present their stories better. Presently, Instagram is testing this expanded format with 12 brands including Netflix, California Pizza Kitchen, Paramount etc. However, the company has not set a defined timeline about making this format available to other advertisers.

With this new carousel format, brands can get more creative with their campaigns. In fact, they will not have to limit themselves to a 15-second video. Once can combine three 15-second videos into a single 45-second campaign to tell a story.

The goal is really to create ad formats that feel as native as possible to humans”, said Instagram’s director of product marketing Susan Rose. She further said that 1/3rd of the most viewed organic stories on Instagram are posted by brands and 60% of these stories are viewed with sound on.

If users want to skip the ads, they can do so by just swiping the ads. However, impressions will only be counted once the ad is served, irrespective of how many posts a person sees within the ad.

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