How to Submit a Site to Search Engines


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You are done with the on-page optimization of your website. The next step in the line would be to allow search engine spiders crawl your website. This tutorial will help you know how to submit your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engines are likely to find the pages even if you do not submit the website manually. Though submitting your site to the search engines is not an obligatory process, it might take forever for pages to index. So submitting your site to a search engine can help.

This is particularly true in case of:

  • A new website: If you have a new website or a subdomain, submitting a site would signal bot  crawl to your site soon.
  • Change a web page: If you have changed the page, rather than waiting for search spiders to locate the pages, which may take a month or two crawl, you must submit the URL to search engines.
  • Page not indexing: If web pages are not being indexed in the search results, then you can submit the page URLs manually. You can also do an “exact match search”. To do exact match search, you need to copy a long phrase from the page and search for it in the search query box within the quotation marks. If you see the results, then your pages are indexed.

Before sending a website to search engines, check them in free Check Server Page tool to find any 301 redirect and other crawling issues that are preventing your site from being indexed.

How to Submit a Site in Google and Bing:

To submit a site in Google, set up Google Webmaster tools for your website and click on GWT. Choose “Fetch as Google” from the crawl menu on GWT Dashboard. Enter the URL, which you want Google bot to crawl. Click “Fetch” and after you get the “Success” status, click “Submit to Index” and click OK.

When you submit a website to Bing, it is indexed in Yahoo as well; as Bing feeds Yahoo’s Search Index. You need to have a Bing Webmaster Tools account and submit URLs in the “Configure My site” section. You can also submit to the Bing form.





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