How To Optimize A Site For Local Search


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Irrespective of what business you are in, you must ensure your website ranks well in local search results as well. Instead of simply using keywords, users are narrowing the searches by including their neighborhood or locality name in the search query.

For instance, if you own a supermarket, your potential customers would want to know the direction to your store, services/products offered by you, prices of the products and consumer reviews. So, it’s a good practice to get your website listed in local search directories as it boosts your brand visibility and improve sales.

You can think of the following options when optimizing a site for a local search:

Yahoo community: Yahoo community is the top choice of most marketers when adding a website in the local search. This community is particularly useful for individuals who wish to find stores located in their own area. For instance, when you see a restaurant in the yahoo community, you will see all the recommendations posted by users.

Mobile: Make your site mobile friendly as it will help gain higher rankings for your website in mobile search pages which in turn will enhance traffic to your website and aid conversions.

Press Releases: If you are offering something new and exciting, then promote it by posting press releases on PR sites that publish PRs for free.

CitySearch: Include your website in CitySearch as this site provides city searches to MSN,,, and

Include contact information on the website: Have a physical address and a contact number on the contact page of your website. You may also include a contact number on all pages of your site. This information help builds brand credibility.

You may also submit your company’s listings to different directories such as Yelp,,,, Infospace,, Ask business Search and Yahoo! Local Merchant.

In Google’s Webmaster tools, set the geographic location of your business. In a nutshell, you must never ignore the local searches as they are one of option through which you gain local customers.

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