Google’s New Search Console Is Now Officially Available for All


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Google has formally announced that its new search console (earlier referred to as Webmaster Tools) is now available for everyone! A couple of weeks back, the search engine had rolled out the console to some pre-selected users. It even asked users to fill the survey form to learn about their experiences and made a few changes to the console before making it available to the masses.

Here’s a look at the performance report interface of the console which rolled out in Jan. However, in the study, Google found that   the ‘compare’ functionality was overlooked.

The search engine changed the design by adding “filter” and “compare” in a unified dialogue box. (depicted below)


Users can continue to access both – old and new versions of the console at once by using a navigation bar. The company has said that it’s UX team will continue to expand the functionality of the console by adding more features in coming days.

For those who don’t know what Google Search Console is –it’s a free service offered by Google that help users (anyone with a website) monitor and maintain their site’s presence in Google Search Results. Users can sign up for search console to understand how the search engine views their site and optimize it for better performance.




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