Google to Stop Showing Ads to The Right-Hand of Search Results


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It has been confirmed. Google is removing ads that feature on the right-hand side of its search results. The ads will be available to put up only on the top and/or bottom of the page. The search engine has also said that it might allow an additional ad –three or four ads above the search results.

Earlier, the ads would appear all over the place – at the top, bottom, right and middle based on the specific search term. However, this left little place for Google’s Product Listings Ads.

The company has elaborated that they were testing this layout for a while now so searchers might see a very small number of commercial queries. The change has been initiated to provide more relevant search results for users and provide better performance for advertisers. The fourth ad space would be available for “commercial queries”. For instance, it would involve searches like “hotels in New York City” or “car insurance”. It has also confirmed that the change is applicable worldwide and to all language searches.

PPC campaigners argue that high-volume, long-tailed search keywords and niche keywords will get severely affected by the roll out. Ads that feature beneath the third position may also experience a low click-through rate.

As of now the change is limited to desktop searches and mobile layout won’t get affected.

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