Google Rolling out Algorithm to Tackle Hacked Spam


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hacked site update

Back in 2013, Google revealed that hacked sites are more susceptible to manual actions. And to combat this issue, the search engine has started rolling out an algorithm that will “aggressively target hacked spam”.

Ning Song, Software Engineer who wrote in Google Webmaster Central Blog saying, “Spammers and cyber-criminals purposely seek out those sites and inject pages with malicious content in an attempt to gain rank and traffic in search engines.”

A huge number of legitimate sites that ignore the security practices often fall prey to hackers. The hackers spam the sites to “engage in abusive behavior”.  This algorithm is designed to weed out the spam and retain the organic and legitimate results. The algorithmic changes would affect 5% of queries. As a result, users will obtain the most pertinent results reducing the number of results shown.


Google also has webmasters help for hacked sites for hacked sites. When users try to access such sites they see messages such “This site may harm your computer”, “The Website Ahead Contains Malware!, Reported Attack Page!,  Warning –phishing (web forgery)suspected.

SEOs, Webmasters and site owners can send queries or give their feedback in the Webmaster Help Forums.

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