Google Posts on Playoffs’ To Appear in The Knowledge Panel!


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With Playoffs season in full swing, Google has decided to feature ‘Google Posts’ on NHL, MLB, and NBA teams across the US and Canada directly in the knowledge panel.

In the announcement made on Google’s Search Blog product on Monday, Aditya Mahesh, Product Manager at Google said, “Now you can get the latest updates, videos, photos and more right on the Knowledge Panels in Search directly from some of your favorite NHL and NBA teams. In those posts, you’ll see the highlights that your home team (or rivals!) share. Check back throughout the day and week to make sure you don’t miss a thing.”

It means when users search for a team in the search bar, all information – videos, photos and more pertaining to that specific team will be featured in the knowledge panel.

Debuted last year during US presidential elections, ‘Google Posts’ is a feature that allows people and organizations to create content on diverse topics. When a user searches for a specific topic in Google, ‘Google Posts’ created on it by others will be featured in the knowledge panel.

Presently, Google Posts are available for only – US museums, movies, sports teams, and sports leagues.

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