Google is all set to launch ‘Stamp’ a competitor to Snapchat’s Discover


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In early August, the Wall Street Journal has published this news that Google is developing a technology that will allow publishers to create visual-oriented media content. This initiative is an attempt to compete with the features of Snapchat’s “Discover”. This new product known as ‘Google Stamp’ will provide an array of opportunities for publishers and advertisers.

What is Google Stamp?

The name Stamp has been derived by uniting the abbreviation ‘St’ from the word ‘stories’ and the acronym AMP, from the Google-led Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative. This publishing platform will permit brands to tell stories in a fresh fashion, optimized for mobile. The functions will be similar to Snapchat’s Discover and users can swipe between different pieces of content. Google Stamp is an interesting mix of video, images, and text that will increase reader engagement.

Google Stamp for Advertisers

Google Stamp will be a new form of storytelling for advertisers. Unlike the traditional forms, there will be a close collaboration between content creators and content promoters to ensure that ads are contextual.

Google has not still announced the release date of this ambitious project. So let’s wait and watch how much buzz it will create in the world of advertising.

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