Google Confirms the Real-Time Penguin Update Will Happen Soon


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Gary Illyes has confirmed at SMX West that the next Penguin update will happen at the end of the year. What is more striking is that the update would run in real time! So now is the time for all SEOs and webmasters out there to implement changes in the website to prevent their rankings from taking a dive.

Though Gary had been hinting out that Penguin update won’t happen anytime soon, it was clear that Google was honing its deceptively complicated algorithm to return high quality and relevant results to the users.

Gary also said that if the search engine finds a disavowed link, it would process it in a real time. This means affected site stands a chance to recover back quickly. We also hear that the update won’t be a spike like the predecessors, rather it will be the next-generation update with new signals added.

We have learned from the earlier updates that algorithms strike sites, which resort to practices such as paid links, extensive guest blogging, over-optimized anchors, low-quality backlinks and over-optimizing keywords to game up the rankings.  To stay protected, do away from these spammy practices.

Do friendly blogging, get quality backlinks and let people find your content naturally. This way you will continue to maintain or scale up your position, regardless of the update!

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