Google Adwords To Support Add/Edit using Standard Ad Text till January 30th Only!


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Here’s an update that was long impending from Google’s – Google Adwords will no longer support adding or editing of ads using the Standard Text Ad format after January 30th. Henceforth you can create ads only using Extended Text Ad format.  The search engine giant posted a reminder on Google to inform users about the update.

The update read:

This is a friendly reminder that starting on January 31, you’ll only be able to create and edit text ads using the expanded text ads format. You’ll no longer be able to create standard text ads. While this will be the last date to create them, existing standard text ads will continue to serve.

Expanded text ads can deliver great results, particularly with a commitment to testing new creatives.

While making similar improvements to your ads, keep some best practices in mind:

  1. Implement multiple versions of your ads. Aim for at least 3-5 per ad group.
  2. Leave your standard text ads running. You can’t create new ones, but the old ones can still serve. Don’t delete them until they stop receiving impressions on their own or the message is no longer accurate.
  3. Plan to optimize your ad rotation for clicks or conversions. These options give preference to ads that are likely to perform better.


Google introduced and rolled out Expanded Text Ads in July 2016. Expanded text ads are significantly different from the normal text ads as they have:

  • Two headlines of each 30 characters each
  • A long description line with 80-charcter
  • Two 15-character paths in the display URL


If you are still struggling with this new ad format, then refer to Google Best Practices!

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