FiB, A Latest Chrome Extension that Can Tell If a News on Facebook Is Fake or Not


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Facebook and Google had a tough time when the fake news issue boomed during the US presidential elections. The unverified news shared on the site got a higher reach and misled several voters. To combat this issue, a group of students developed FiB, a chrome extension that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and verify content shared on Facebook.

Nabanita De a master’s student at the University of Massachusetts along with Anant Goel a first-year student at Purdue University, and Mark Craft and Qinglin Chen, who are students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These geniuses took just 36 hours to develop this algorithm.

FiB works in two ways. Firstly, the extension scans through a user’s Facebook news feed, verifying status updates, images, and links using image recognition, keyword extraction, source verification, and a Twitter search (to verify if the tweet screenshot is genuine). Depending on the Algorithm’s assessment of facts presented in the story, the extension will place a small tag in the corner indicating how factual a story is (whether it is “Verified” or “Not Verified”). If the story turns out to be false, the Algorithm will try to locate a more verified source of information on the topic.

Secondly, if someone is about to post content, the extension will use the same verification process to check if he or she is about to post an unverified information. If so, they will be notified via chatbot and can choose to keep their post or discard it. FiB is currently available for download, and the project is open source.

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