Google Simplifies Finding Credible Content Online


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Fact Check Label Highlighted on Google News Result

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”

– Almost Everyone Ever

Who hasn’t been a victim of internet myths and hoaxes? India’s photo taken from space during Diwali, Kurkure is made from plastic, take your pick! Social media websites, messaging apps and sometimes, even news sites, they are everywhere!While there’s no way to stop these posts from going viral, you can now check how authentic the “news stories” you come across are.

Google News has recently introduced a ‘Fact Check’ label. This helps Google users find the most credible content online. As Google says, this label will “shine a light on its efforts to divide fact from fiction”.

Fact Check Label Highlighted on Google News Result

How to Get the Fact Check Label for your Article?

There is an eligibility buy levitra acheter viagra with prescription criteria to receive the Fact Check label. Only those publishers who have fact-checked their articles can add a Fact Check label. What this means is Google doesn’t manually fact check articles; it is the responsibility of the author.

Authors and publishers can add this label through a schema markup called ClaimReview. But, this doesn’t mean that one can simply add a piece of schema markup code and publish their work. Google may disregard the markup or completely remove the site from Google News if it discovers that the criteria is not met.

Currently, this label is available only in the US and UK but will soon roll out to other countries including India.

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