Bing’s Latest Upgrade –The Unified Device Targeting


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Bing marketers can now target their ads to smartphones along with tablets and desktops.Instead of creating different campaigns for every device, users can set up a single campaign, which will then automatically reach audience using any device.

However, if you are targeting your ads to tablet users for the first time, then see to it that your website is compatible with such devices.

bing udt

Source: advertise.bingads

Bing Ads won’t be making any amendments in the quality score. Also, bids and adjustments will remain the same. For example, a smartphone targeting ad having a bid of $1 and a modifier above 50% can be imported, in the same way as before. Since, conversions on tablets take place within a range of 15% to 20%, -100% bid adjustments are not available. However, bid modifiers of 300% to -100% are available for smartphones, allowing users to omit smartphones from the campaign. Users can also set their ad preferences to “mobile-preferred’.

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