Bing Updates Its iOS App


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By updating its iOS app, the Bing News will now include smart tags to help users locate connected stories. Users could also perform multiple searches with ease without losing track of what they found with “Recent tiles”.

Another feature “Bing Interests” is an interesting addition using, which iPhone users can track news stories and personalize the content.


The updates have also been made across the Apple Watch App. The App includes a quick version of “Popular Now” content that displays the trending information.


Users can also toggle “Private Mode” directly from the Recent tiles screen or the search box. What’s more, one can also translate entire web pages in Safari with the share button. Other features include –ability to search beyond the web and find what a user need in his iphone’s apps, saving favorite images to customize phone’s wallpaper or lock screen and get walking, driving and transit directions with current traffic conditions.

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