Bing Revamps the Image Search


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Bing is upgrading its image search interface. It is adding many user-friendly features and options so that users can find relevant images quickly.




The results will be available on mobile as well as the desktop. The new features of image are as follow:

  1. It includes an option, which allows users to buy the image. Bing also explains how a user can make his image more discoverable.
  2. The image search will also show other related images so that the user has a wider option and select the desired images.
  3. While searching images, users can scroll up and down to obtain more information about the products.
  4. A link to view option allows users find different sizes of the same image so that they get desired resolutions of the image.
  5. It also shows Pinterest integrated images allowing users to view the images pinned by other people. Bing wishes to integrate other social media networks in this section.
  6. Bing has also incorporated the option of image searching. With this feature, users can see who is using their image.

Bing has also changed the interface for mobile. Users will now be able to preview full screen of the images. Bing has said that it would roll out these features soon to the global audience.

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