Bing Launches Mobile Friendliness Test Tool


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Bing has launched a Mobile friendliness test tool to help web owners check if their sites are mobile-compatible or not! The tool would consider several factors such as a width of page content, readability of the text, spacing of links, viewport and zoom control configuration and presence of incompatible plug-ins to test the pages.

One can find more information about these factors at Bing Webmaster. The Bing’s test tool was expected in late summer, but it got delayed somehow. Here’s a preview of the tool:



Bing’s Program Managers said on the webmaster blog, “Each time you run the tool against a URL, we crawl the page the same way Bingbot does, download necessary and allowed resources, dynamically render the mobile page, extract features and run it through our mobile classification algorithms to produce the verdict for your page. Since all of this happens in real time, it might take the tool a few seconds to complete processing and show results.”

To check if your site is mobile-friendly or not, enter the site’s URL into Bing Test tool. If it’s not mobile-friendly,  it will give you some reasons why.

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