Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Optimizing Mobile Sites


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mobile seo mistakes

April 21st was the day when ‘mobilegeddon’ happened. Though, the impact was not massive, the mobile update created ripples in mobile search listings wiping away some thousands of websites from its pages.

We all know that user-friendliness is a crucial factor that Google looks for when ranking a website and marketers are focusing on creating responsive design sites. But there are several mistakes that designers and developers make, which go unnoticed when you glorify mobile-friendliness factor. Here are some of the most common mistakes one need to weed out when optimizing for mobile sites

1. Ad popups

Most of the time even before the page loads up, the ad popup appears, preventing the users from viewing the website they intended to see. The close button doesn’t work either and users are forced to leave the website. Hence, avoid popups on your website.

2. Slow loading

This especially happens in blog sites, which contain large images. Blog writers usually upload the images without downsizing them. If you embed high-resolution photos in the blog, it would take forever for the blog to load. It would prolong the loading time and eat away data connection. The result –the visitor will leave the site

3. Avoid flash and Java

The main reason to avoid using flash or Java is that Apple smartphones don’t support them. Apple products make up more than 30% of smartphone market and the company is not going to support flash in future as well. Also, most phones don’t support Java either. So avoid using them as a majority of users may not be able to see your website

4. Wrong redirects

A responsive website is the need of the hour. Instead of creating one, most marketers consider redirecting their visitors to different versions of the site, at times to desktop version, mistakingly. If you have to apply redirects, make sure they are at a place and working well.


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