Advertisers can now filter out repeat visits in AdWords


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Advertisers will now be able to edit the conversion tags in Google AdWords to capture an order ID and ensure that the conversion is not counted as a new conversion.

By lessening the duplicate conversions, users can review conversion data more accurately and make informed bidding decisions for their campaigns. Before this update, advertisers had to add a website code to ensure that AdWords doesn’t consider a refreshed page or returning customer as a new order.

Here’s an excerpt of the update Google AdWords shared on Google Plus:

For example, if you’re a hotel brand, you may notice customers returning to their booking confirmation pages, perhaps to find the reservation number or room check-in time the day before a trip. By including an Order ID into conversion tags, AdWords will not count these subsequent conversions with the same Order ID, so they won’t show up in your reporting”.

However, campaigners will have to set up a conversion action to get started. Users can find the information pertaining to it on AdWords support page.






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