5 Tips To Consider When Optimizing For Mobile Sites


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Mobile search has surpassed the desktop searches. Google and other search engines have been emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendly sites. But instead of depending on search engines to transcode your website, focus on making your website mobile-friendly.

How to Do Mobile Optimization

Here are a few tips to consider when optimizing your site for mobiles:

  1. Users use shorter keywords
    Mobile users do not type longer phrases as QWERTY keyboards make typing the longer keywords difficult. Plus mobile users are very brief in their queries and limit the search to 1 or 2 words. So make sure you target shorter keywords/predictive words otherwise, you would lose out on traffic.
  1. Mobile searches are mostly local
    Mobile users mostly search for stuff locally. If a user is looking for ‘dentist around 3rd road’, then he is looking for dentists that are based around the 3rd road only. This means local businesses can make the most out of local searches.
  1. Top 4 or 5 positions attract user’s attention
    Users don’t like to click on next button or scroll down the search pages. On the desktop, the search page fits 10 results but the same cannot be said about a mobile. In a mobile device, the page might split into 2 or 3 pages, which means there would be only 4 or 5 listings on the first page. And these 4 or 5 listings have higher chances of attracting user’s attention.
  1. Make sites that comply with mobile standards
    If you want spiders to locate your site, you must comply with mobile guidelines. Having a different site for mobile devices helps as it will make your site mobile-friendly.
  1. Don’t overlook Meta.txt file
    Meta.txt file includes the contents of the site. Search engines parse the Meta.txt files easily. So even if your site is not listed entirely, it will still be indexed in search results.

The importance of mobile friendliness cannot be emphasized enough, this is because even if you manage to attract visitors to your mobile site, the unfriendly user experience may drive them off. So, if you have not yet made your site user-friendly, get it done now!

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